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Flash cards for Nintendo 3DS (R4, Crown 3DS, SuperCard 3DS and Acekard 3)

With Nintendo 3DS being at the height of popularity, many are searching for compatible flash cards - an R4 for 3DS. There is already an extensive list of r4 for 3DS cards that are compatible with Nintendo 3DS, however some can only be used to play the older games on your 3DS.

Crown 3DS flash card is currently making success with their work and the card can be used to play at least one 3DS game so far, however this card is not yet available to the public.

The SuperCard 3DS makers are the obvious best choice as they are fully updated. They have the most features for you to play with like more save slots, being able to pause when you need to look at a guide, and being able to save or restore from any point in a game. Perfect for playing your DSi and DS games on your 3DS.

Another trusted 3ds flash card is what people are calling the AceKard 3. Acekard, always reliable, is up once again. Proudly touting being among the few to unlock the 3DS. This card also claims to be fully compatible with the 3DS, and have very good game compatibility, although not all of your 3DS games will be able to be played with this. This card will also have a few more features available compared to some, but not quite reaching the status of the SuperCard.

The Gold R4i is another option you might take advantage of, even if it doesn't have all the fancy claims as the two previous. This card may be the best choice for you simply because you don't have to worry about buying any additional components or deal with any confusing software. It's claim is that it's truly the easiest to use that you will ever have. The downside of this little gem is that it is not yet compatible with 3DS games, however it enables you to be able to play your DS and DSi games on your 3DS.

Of all the available 3ds flash cards out there, only you can decide which one is best for you as an individual. All seem to be fairly comparable depending on your own goals in the gaming world, one may be better suited than the next, and word is that the list is just going to keep growing every day, so tomorrow there may just be a better one you like.

Here's an early prototype of the Crown 3DS in action. As you can see, it runs a 3DS rom:


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