Super Mario Bros.

FireNes: NES Firefox add-on

FireNes allows you to play ~2500 Nintendo games without the need of an emulator or roms! We're not sure how legal this is and it'll be interesting to monitor how long Mozilla keeps this plug-in up. Head over to the official Firefox Add-ons page for this plugin and start playing all the Super Mario Bros games today!

Here's what you'll need to get started:
Firefox browser - If you're not using this, then you should consider switching from your current browser to Firefox:

FireNES Firefox add-on: - Mozilla took the download link down, but you can grab it from here:

FireNES Firefox add-on

After you've added the FireNES FireFox addon, goto Tools > FireNes. This will open a List of games frame on the left side of your Firefox browser. Select Your game and a window with the vNES emulator will popup. Enjoy.. Here are the control:

Keyboard Controls:

NES Joypad "START" button = Enter
NES Joypad "SELECT" button = CTRL
NES Joypad "A" button = Use the letter "X" on your keyboard.
NES Joypad "B" button = Use the letter "Z" on your keyboard.


Can't get Super Mario World to open

I've only tried two games so far and the first worked fine, but I can't seem to get super Mario World to open.


So i see there is a saving feature.... but where exactly can i access it?
Thanks again this is a really neat little plug-in. Im really surprised this hasnt been done already, and that it works pretty well.

Now lets see some Open GL Zsnes with netplay support.

Where are the games?

where are the games??

re: Where are the games

From Firefox, goto Tools, then FireNes. You will then see all of the games listed on the left side. Double-click the game you want to play and it'll popup in a new window. Have fun!

For some reason the games

For some reason the games will not load up correctly for me. All I get is a black screen :(


How do you install the xpi file? I downloaded it but how do you get it to show up in FF3?

Installing a xpi file

The quickest and easiest way to install the xpi file:

* Launch Firefox (version 2 or 3)
* Find the .xpi file you downloaded
* Drag the .xpi file into the Firefox browser window.
* Firefox will prompt you to install the .xpi, Click "Install Now"
* After the .xpi file is installed, you'll need to restart Firefox

How to open a .xpi the alternitive way

You can also open .xpi files this way:

1: Right click on the .xpi file.
2: Select Open (located at the top of the Right click drop down menu.
3: Select the Program from a list, via the box that comes up named as Windows.
4: Select Firefox (Leave the checkbox unchecked, unless you want assign the file format with Firefox.
5: Firefox will display it's install box, once it displays "Install Now" left click "Install Now".
6: Once installed, look in Tools, and you will see Firenes just below Oprions.
7: Click on Firenes, and your done.

You can't change the keys

The default keys are as they are. But you cannot change them.

And by the way, your "captcha" crap at the bottom of the screen is absolute bull.

You're right, that captcha was crap!

..and has been switched out with a simple math question.

FireNES works with FireFox 3

This plugin works fine in FireFox 3.

Quick Start guide to FireNES

For some reason, when the game starts up, none of the keys seem to work. After the game boots up, click anywhere in the game window, then press Enter - all the keys will work then. Below are the default keys. You can also remap the keys by right clicking on the game title, then choose Options.

Just FYI -- The default keys for FireNES are:

Start: enter
Select: ctrl
A: x
B: z

Use the directional keys to move.

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