Super Mario Bros.

DSTT - The next generation R4DS revolution for DS (Another blank Nintendo DS Cartridge)

It seems to be getting harder to find the R4DS - Revolution for DS these days. So we found the DSTT! The DSTT does everything the R4DS does, plus some. One of the main differences is the DSTT supports SDHC microSD cards. The DSTT also seems a bit cheaper as it comes bundle with your choice of microSD. Here are some good deals on the DSTT:

  DSTT for Nintendo DS DSTTi for Nintendo DSi
Works with Nintendo DS? Yes Yes
Works with Nintendo DSi? No Yes
Support SDHC micro sd cards (4GB, 8GB,16GB,32GB)? Yes - microSD: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB Yes - microSD: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Firmware Software Included? No (download below) No (download below)
Current Firmware Version DSTT v1.17 English Firmware (Official)
DSTT v1.17a12 English Firmware (Unofficial)
DSTT v1.17 English Firmware (Official)
DSTT v1.17a12 English Firmware (Unofficial)
Micro SD Card Reader included with package? Included Included
Does everything your friend told you it would do? Yes Yes
Compatible with DSi v1.4 firmware? No Yes
Where can I buy one? iShopVideoGames
Are they running any sales? DSTT with 2GB microSDHC for $19.99 (FREE Shipping!) DSTTi with 4GB microSDHC for $29.99 (FREE Shipping!)

Here's a comparison chart of the differences between the DSTT and the R4DS
DS original cartridge size, Slot1 interface.
Plug 'n Play, easy to use, just Drag 'n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.
No FlashMe, built-in NoPass, and the GBA cards in slot2 can be started directly.
Supports CleanROM, No covert.
100% SDHC TF and standard TF compatibility up to 4TB(4096GB) flash memory card.
NO (onlySD)
High speed SDHC. Supports any TF card speed with no lag in game
NO (only SD)
Save directly to TF card, not to onboard chip, Never lose your saves.
Automatically detect and generate save type.
Supports Moonshell and homebrew. DLDI auto-patching.
Supports FAT/FAT32, works on any OS.
Supports Action Replay cheat and edit the code base.
Built-in energy-saving design.
User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation. Supports Skin DIY.
Supports the Hot-Key SOFT RESET.
Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser.
Supports Download play.
Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only ).
Free SDHC high-speed reader
NO (comes with SD reader)

As you can see, the only real difference between the DSTT and the R4DS is the SDHC support. This is a big difference as most places are starting to sell only SDHC microSD cards.

DSTT video review/tutorial:


Setting up your DSTT:


error code 4

is their anyway you can stop error code 4 from hapening? anysoftwear u can download to stop it if so were ThankS

need new software for DTTS!!!!!!!

this version of "TTMenu Kernel v1.17a12" does not longer support those new games. will need a new version!!!!!!!!! anyone can help????? tks^^


I have the R4 card and it used to play the games on my nintendo sd lite but know it just tell me looking for software available for download what could have happen?? Why dont it pull up the menu screen


cant load any games on my new dstti
error 4 how can i fix this


i bought a dstti but i cant load the new games
always error 4
how cann i fix this
pls help.
and i check the dstti if orig or fake
i download tti check
and its all fake i bought 3 pcs
can i refund my money or exchange the unit
at the site that i bought?

dstti card not working in daughter's dsi

Have just bought a dstti card for my daughter's brand new dsi. It is not working, and comes up with "An error has occurred. Refer to Nintendo DSi Operations Manual for details"

It does however work in my son's dsi! Unfortunately his dstti card does not work in my daughter's dsi either. Any ideas?

New R4i-SDHC V1.4.1 Available on Sep 23rd, 2010 FlashCarts Solution released a brand new R4i-SDHC V1.4.1 on Sep 23rd, 2010, and it support DSi 1.4.1 without any updation.

Need Help

One day i tried deleting some stuff on my r4 but i decided to cancel and then everything just closed.then i tried to open it up again and it said it needed to be formatted. i clicked ok and it said it couldn't format. it still works on ds but i cant upload new ROMs PLEASE HELP THANKS

Are these legal

Are these legal in the UK, like the R4 card?

roms are legal in most

roms are legal in most countries but legally you are meant to own the physical copy

Toy story

Hi, i have been using and collecting nds game roms for months now and 95% work on my ndslite.....My daughter has asked me for the new toy story 3 rom, i found it and loaded it but it won't play . . i use the tt card....are you limited with this card

Stops at loading screen.

My R4 is not working to well, we got it in rough condition. It keeps freezing (or just not working) at the loading screen(I.E. it just stops there). We cannot tell if the problem lyes with the damage to the card (if any) or mabye we didd'nt load the firmware right, Please help me!

What website can I use to

What website can I use to download the games for free?


I've had an r4 gold for a while now and I had 40 games on it and one day I turned on my dsi and clicked on my r4 but all I got was a blank screen!! i put it in my computer & it detected it but it said it was secure and it's full even though I can't view the files. I don't wanna lose my games, so how do I un-secure the micro sd from the r4? PLEASE HELP THANK YOU!!!

Are they fake?

Are the dstt's on the web site provided fake?
I've been told they are. JUST A DAY AFTER ORDERING!
and of course I'm pissed off, but will this affect my gameplay, i.e. will my card have that BIG RED X and then die.

How could I prevent this?

No, they're NOT fake!

The cards listed on this page are real and the vendor (iShopVideoGames) is very reputable. I know plenty of people that have order from them and no one has ever been ripped off. Whoever told you that it was fake is wrong. The DSTT is just another DS flash card like the R4, EZ Flash or Acekard. Some people prefer the R4 and for some unknown reason wants to call all other cards fake. All of the flash cards that iShopVideoGame sells is 100% real and works fine in DS, DS list and DSi consoles. Hope that ease your fears a bit. Enjoy your DSTT when you get it! :)

It's HERE!!!

well i got it now and it works fine so i dont care. :D

and i would recommend buying one
i didnt want the r4 coz me friend has one and theyre crap

SNES emulator

Hey just got my TTDS lite, and I can load up SNEmulDS but it doesnt load my rom list.

any advice??

special folder

You have to put the roms in a "snes" folder in the root of the card

hi there. i hav a video

hi there. i hav a video converter, but im really confused. i want to be able to watch movies on my ds. what setting is best to convert it to in order to watch it? thanks.

I copied the games to the

I copied the games to the R4. When I inserted it into the DS lite, I get the warning screen, then the standard menu page. How do I access the games that I saved on the R4? Thanks.


sometimes when i download a game from the internet and put it on my DSTT card .... and play it .... a rom load error comes and it tells me to restart my DS ..... i have tried putting all the latest firmware but the error still comes ... help!!!

That means the rom you

That means the rom you downloaded is a bad dump. Try downloading the same game from somewhere else. If you try different files and none of them work, that game might not be compatible with the DSTT. (I've never run into that problem myself, I'm just speculating)

DSTTi with DS Lite console

Can anyone help? I have several DSTTi cards but can't get any of them to work in a DS Lite console.
I've loaded the lates firmware etc... but it won't even detect the cards.
Has anyone got the new card to work in the older console?????

Yes, I'm using the new DSTTi

Yes, I'm using the new DSTTi card on my older DS lite. Are you dragging and dropping the appropriate files? I would erase everything and redo it.

i need help on how to change the background from tt to one of...

i need help on how to change the background from tt to one of my fav pics?

can i play vids on my tt card?

i tried everything!! :(

ello everyone,
i hav a problem with my dstt. everytime i turn on my dsl, it freezes as soon as it says nintendo on the top screen and even worse, sometimes it freezes as soon as it turns on. i hav tried everything that everyone haz said in this page, but nothing seems to work. I tried reformating and putting games in the folder but nothing works. then, i realized that it's only the dstt that wasn't working. so now, i'm just screwed because i don't know what to or how to fix it. can anyone help?

is it comeing up with a red

is it comeing up with a red thing saying error or some hing like that if so i had the same problem what i did to fix it was take all the games out of the folder you were suppos to make called games and try it if that does not work sorry that is all i no


If you have not loaded the tt menu you will have the freezing problem, or the menu with the happy face that appears when successfully loading will be a sad face instead. You must load the DS TT Menu onto the chip, and make sure it is the latest from the DS TT site. This is their web address,

and they not only have the updated menu with fix, they have some basics on how to tell if you have a piece of crap: however, it is usually that people just need the menu but were never told, or that they have the old software or software foranother chip (e.g. the R4DS). Don't despair. And check out and in addition to romulation site (mentioned below) - the site is in spanish but more up to date. If you don't speak Spanish, use the BabelFish translator at AltaVista to help.

where to download DS games is where you can go to download DS games plus gamecube, playstation etc... Just to be safe with the language make sure you downlaod the games marked by your countrtries flag. United states flag etc.. there is no cost. I've only downloaded two games. Lego guitar hero and the grapohics and songs are amazing, my kids love it. Good luck! I'm just now learning all about the R4i cards just since christmas. Good luck!

DSTT won't play on DSi

Hi, my kids got new Dsi's for christmas and their DSTT cards (which played fine on the nintendo lites) won't work at all. Everytime I insert the card the screen message says "An error has occured. press and hold the on switch to switch off etc etc" Why aren't they working on the Dsi when they work on the Ds Lite with no problem?

You need the DSTTi not the

You need the DSTTi not the DSTT to play on the newer DSi


im afraid you would nead to get a DSTTi it is the new version for the dsi. xx

DSi is not compatible with DSTT for DS Lite

You will need to get a DSi compatible flash card like the DSTTi, R4i or Acekard 2i:



Acekard 2i:

Most people prefer the R4i.. and that's the one I used for my niece's DSi and it worked fine. Nice Christmas gifts, btw. :)

TTDS game card problem

When I was deleting the some of my games, I may of accidentally deleted some system files or something, because noe when i open up my ttds, there is a bunch of purple and black lines and it appears to be loading. Can someone help me?

DSTT System file download

Have no fear, you can download the TTDS firmware here:

Just unzip it and put all the files and folders on your microSD.

Oh thank yoooooou!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much.That firmware reeeeally helped me.All the games i download now works!!Thank you!!I recommend anyone who has trouble playing downloaded roms to use this link

does anyone know any web

does anyone know any web sites so i can put new games on my ndstt card ?


hey i use a program called usenext its the best i have only found one game that doesn't work on the dstt and thats the bejeweled twist the thing i am trying to figure out is how can i migrate pokemon from the gba pokemon games to the ds pokemon pearl that are on my dstt chip

Go to and

Go to and download DS games there.

Red menu?

I copied all the files from the kernel into the SD card but when I insert my r4, it comes up with the red menu?.
What had gone wrong?

that happend with me what u

that happend with me what u do is take the games out of the folder games if that dosent work wipe the chip and relode evrything


I just got my dstt card and 4Gb sd card. I formatted the sd card, downloaded the latest kernel from the dstt site, copied the ttmenu file and ttmenu folder onto my sd card, created a games folder and downloaded games onto the card to check if it will it worked ok but i doesnt.

I then inserted my sd card/dstt in my ds but the its still not working. All i can see is the menu flasing on the top part of the ds but the bottom part is blank.
any ideas what I can do next? thanks

Problem with scan disk micro sd

I use the scan disk micro sd also and I find it works best if you don't load your games into a single games folder. I have each game loaded into it's own folder and then load each individual game folder directly onto the sd card. That's what works for me anyway.

I wonder if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong when it comes to loading snes games and emulators though. I loaded the emulator files onto my sd card and I'm told that I need a folder called SNES to load my .smc games into. I've done exactly that and yet when I turn on my ds, I get MENU? in red letters. Are emulators not compatible with dstt cards?

When you download the Kernal

When you download the Kernal file, you should get 3 files, actually 1 folder and 2 files. At first I just moved the 2 files to my DS and I got the blue screens, then I moved the folder(which had like 8 files in it) to my DS and it worked. I also had my games under a folder called games.

aaaaaaaaaa help god dam plzzzz

when i load up my game for instance pokemon platinum i have put like 5-6 cheats on with it now when i go back to load up the game it just freezes but when i delete the ARP file and go back so it has no cheats on it works?? i got the USRCHEATS one whats wrong? is it the cheat program?? is it ma nds?? wat!!

Some games (Namely pokémon)

Some games (Namely pokémon) don't work well with flashcards when too many Ar codes are activated at once. Try with only two codes at a time. Usually the answer is because the code is for another region (Usually Japan, Respectively). Try finding codes that are marked for that region specifically(Us, Jpn, Eur).

certain games BLACK OUT! WTF IS GOIN ON!

Ok i've never had trouble with my r4 until i downloaded 2 more back up games. I put them on & when i press one to play the screen goes black but the games still going cus i can hear the music, whats goin on? & on the other game it will work but when i get to a certain point in the game it blacks out 2! I've tried different links to download the games but it all ends up the same. PLS HELP :(
I'm only 14 so nothing to complexed pls, just simply language.


Some games are license

Some games are license protected that means you must find a "cracked" version that removes the protection.
Think of it as the owners of the game saying
"No you can not download this game D<"

R4 doesn't work

We have an r4 that we brought of the internet. When we first got it, it had everything on it that you needed, all you had to do was drag the games into it and it worked or put them all through winzip. The other week I accedentally deleted everything of it apart from _services_. Ive downloaded some games and tried putting them on but when I turn the NDS on it just comes up saying Loading... . What do I need to put on the NDS to make it work because it's for my brothers birthday (the NDS) and without the r4 we can't really give him the ds.
Thanks in advance :)

hi, did you manage to find

hi, did you manage to find the answer to the problem cos i had the same thing when i put the card into the ds it just comes up loading? thanks


Gotta love how you play your brothers present before giving it to him.
Do you munch through boxes of chocolates before wrapping them up to give to people at christmas...


Hey, I got my DSTT about 2 months ago, and it on only just started freezing when i opened a game. It never used to do this so can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

You should create a folder

You should create a folder called "Games" or whatever you wanna name it as and place all of the games that you want into that folder. I'm guessing that you place the games in the root menu which is the reason why games tend to freeze when you try to start the game. Hope this helps.


omg u are a life saver, i thought i had totally buggered my ds but doing a new file made it work, thankyou so so so so so much x

That used to happen to mine

That used to happen to mine and my sister's too. If you keep trying to play the games, it should go away soon enough.

Interestingly, the game that made our freezing stop was Retro Atari Classics. Not sure if that means anything though.


When I first got my R4, it was working perfectly fine. It had a few games in it already, and those too were absolutely fine. But I tried putting in some games into it and it said I had to delete some ROMs. So I just got rid of some files and games that I thought I didn't need. Then I put it in my DS and it never got past the loading screen. So I deleted more games. But now when I put the card into my DS, all I ever get is a white screen with (in the top screen) the word Menu? in red inside an outline of the shape of the R4. What did I do to my R4? It's totally wrecked, and I can't find the files I deleted!

Someone please help me!

You may have deleted your

You may have deleted your system files. Either download them and replace or reload them from the original. If you have the 2gb card you can load approx 1.6gb of games and system files (this allows for the sav files that are created)


the red 'menu?' comes up when i turn on my ds.. it was working until i put in a few games.. hwo do i fix this ?? when i open the r4 on the computer it says the card is full but its all empty.

Hey I have the same problem,

Hey I have the same problem, did you figure it out? Please please help! :)

.ssav files not working with dstt

when i copy and paste my game files (nds and .sav) to my computer and then copy and paste them to another card it seems the saved information is not transfering. I have renamed all the games in my computer by eliminating the number prefix so they are alphabitized would that effect the sav files. I changed teh name after first unzipping the files, wouldnt the sav file rename also before the game has been put into the ds. please help i keep losing my place in games

All you need to do is press

All you need to do is press Extract Files then put it onto ur USB i hope this works!


Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone knows of or has created a homebrew app that allows you to go back to the games menu with out having to turn the DS off and back on again! Thanks.


if you press all of the buttons on your ds (excluding start and select) your r4 should go back to the main menu if this doesnt work go to settings and look for DMA reset if this is turned on the reset should work. hope this helped

press all of the buttons on

press all of the buttons on your ds to go back to the homepage if this doesnt work go to setup or options and find one the says DMA reset turn it on and this should work

wont load

i put in everything and all that stuff and wen i try to load the game it does as if there was no game inside the dsl please help i really hope i dont have to but a new card

how do you get music and

how do you get music and vids on dstt. i have put both files on there and it does not load and i do NOT have a fake one.


music on dstt

to get music you need to download a program called moonshl. it will be nds format and you create a folder called music and when you open it you can play music

how about movies?

how about movies?

DSTT Freezing at menu screen

My girlfriend got the DSTT back in January and we've not had any problems with it until about 2 weeks ago, When i load it up it gets to the DSTT loading screen just before the menu and freezes. The loading bar at the bottom left is still moving although i can leave the DS on for over 30 minutes and still nothing.

I stripped the DSTT of my games and saved them on my computer, I also updated the TTmenu.sys and TTmenu.dat but it still comes up with the same thing and freezes.

Reading the comments on this page im relieved because ive discovered im not the only one that has had this exact problem, If anyone can help a reply would be much appreciated as i would love to get my DSTT back up and running,



Can a DSTT play GBA Games On DS

No, but you can get gba

No, but you can get gba flash cards at NXPStore

DS not reading card

Yeah so i've had the card since January. I've really enjoyed it and is one of the best things i could buy for my DS. I have one problem though. For some reason my DS is not reading the damn thing. I even tried blowing on the slot and wiping the end of the card but nothing. Is my already defective? I also checked the microSD card on my computer and it looks fine.

well it could be fake....idk

well it could be fake....idk its just a possibility

Same issue

I have the same issue. Did you also update the TTmenu.sys? I believe that there is a "virus" in that code tha is blocking the DS now. Can someone confirm that this is the case and if so is there a way to remove the "virus"?

I can not run ordinary ROMs any longer, only the games run via TTDS card works.
The roms refuce to boot.

Freezes at the Loading Screen

I recently bought a DSTT and it worked great for about a day, and now whenever I turn my DSL on it always freezes at the Loading screen and won't go to the menu screen. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? :]

Ps. All my games and save files are already in another folder, and I like only have round 10 games on my 2GB SD card. D:

help!!! menu??

help!!!!my computer wont read the sd card so i asked someone to do it and i tried making it so my computer could read the card but when i put it in my ds, it just says menu

Re:help!!! menu??

Maybe your sd contains files that are inappropriate for your dstt........
it also happened to me when i put the sd of a cellphone on my ds=P


I have mine for more than 6 months and it is plainly awesome. I use a 4GB Micro SD Card and I have Genesis, Snes, Nes and GBC emulators, not to mention some homebrew programs and NDS roms.
It is far superior to R4 and not to mention it has an autopatch feature

Need Help!!!! Loading problem!!!

Yea I have a DSTT card. It's a real one, But I have a problem.I download some games onto the computer so
I can transfer it onto the DSTT card thats fine, But when I transfer it onto my ds it dosn't show up!! I need help
with that can someone plz help me!!!

Maybe you didnt change the

Maybe you didnt change the extension to .nds or you didnt extract the files (if it was compressed)


h ihave had my dstt for about a month and has been working fine untill i put a couple of other games on it an no most of my games wont load. please help x

Using it on the original ds

i noticed all the videos i saw of this product being used were ones featuring the ds lite. will this work with the original ds as well?

works with orginal DS

Yes, the DSTT will work fine with the original Nintendo DS

Problem with cheats

Sure, DSTT comes with Action Replay cheats for each game, but I want to add more! Can someone tell me how?

New Super Mario Bros

Any one had same issue??

I have a R4 card with ver 1.18.
All games are working ok apart from the new super mario bros, the first time i loaded it up it create the sav file but it is not working.

Any ideas??

NDSTT freeze when starting up the ndsl

Hi, i were on vacation for some weeks ago in Tenerife(live in sweden) and found NDSTT and bought it for €35.00 and it worked for 10-20 times, then it started to freeze when the "warning - health screen" turned up and now its takes like, 15 - 30 mins to start it up because i have to turn the power on and off all the time!!! What should i do? Is there some recovery program to download or should i just let it be? PLZ answer me!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

P.S. When iam able to play the game doesnt freeze or something like that.

hi, I have EXACTLY the same

hi, I have EXACTLY the same problem, i realy do not now what to do.
when i turn my NDS on it freezes immediately. u can see very bad the Healt Staus screen,
it's just like whenever it works to start your DSTT on, the less chance u have it will work the next time.
i have like 4 freeze problems when i start up my DSTT :
- White screen before Health Status screen VERY COMMON
- NDS starts up, then immediately freezes with 2 white screens VERY COMMON
- NDS starts up, top screen turns black, bottom screen is White and freezes RARE
- NDS starts up, then freezes on "Loading :)" screen RARE
- NDS starts up, DSTT starts up to :D ULTRA ULTRA RARE

Can someone help us ??? PLS ?
it takes ages to start up the DSTT, i wanna play games :'(
(i have a Kingston 8GB Micro SD HC inserted)

i just bought a dstt from royalds and it was a fake

does anybody knows which website sell oringial one.



I tried changing the background to my dstt skin to a different skin, now I'm having lines (purplish, bluish lines) running both up and bottom screens, and cannot read anything. The only thing I see are the icons to the game, how can I get it back to normal? or at least able to see everything clearly?! Please help!

you have to have the bmp

you have to have the bmp file to 256x192 in size then rename them to bgup (top screen) and bgdown (for the lower screen) then goto your sd card and goto the:\TTMenu\skin\default file and paste them there

is there any diff gui for

is there any diff gui for dstt
or maybe look like r4

get the edge card its the

get the edge card its the best one out there

DSTT problem

hi, i just got my DSTT. one problem i got is when i load the DSTT to DS lite and select a game. it's give me an error msg "cant create save file" than i took the microSD and put in my PC, no file and sometime there files but it's all corrupted. dont know if i got the fake DSTT....

That is because your memory

That is because your memory is full, try deleting some ROMS, until you have around 0.5 MB for each ROM do you have... if you have 300 ROMS, you need 150 MB of free space for the sav files :-)


I have got an dstt card with a 4g micro card. I have downloaded some games which i have unzipped.I have put the software required to run the games onto my micro card. I coppied the games onto the card and when i put it into my ds it loads the card but no games are there! Am i doing something wrong ?????

Great place for public domain Nintendo DS games

This site has a huge selection of roms for just about every console:

Patch update

well i got my dstt awhile back and wondering if the company is going to make a update which you are able to play patched games on the ds such as Jus english and many more?

r4ds loading

hi has any1 sorted the LOADING screen problem at start up.mine freeze and does nothin!!!!!???tried loatsa stuff but none was useful

format your msd, upload

format your msd, upload latest kernel, create folder 'games', drag n drop your .nds into the 'games' folder. Ready to rock!

screen freezing problems

I just got my dstt card and 4Gb sd card. I formatted the sd card, downloaded v1.15 from the dstt site, copied the ttmenu file and ttmenu folder onto my sd card, created a games folder and downloaded 2 or 3 games onto the card to check it worked ok.

It loaded ok, I played one game and then I switched it off. When I turned my ds back on again the screen froze at load up

I just put my sd card back in my pc and I don't have the sys file that I was told would be created on boot up

any ideas what I can do next? thanks

Always use soft reset -

Always use soft reset - don't switch off in a game.

We had this a lot- annoying isn't it?

Soft reset back to main menu, then switch off.

the best place to get ds roms
Notice that there is no "www."

Amen to That Bro

Amen to That Bro


i know i am not very bright but i cannot get any games on the tt card - basically i f anyone can advise as when dropped onto the card - the ds is showing menu and not recognizing tt card - when put the sd card back in the computer it is asking to reformat the card?

I haven't a clue can anyone help the kids are going mad!

Freezing During Load Up Solved.

I've had a problem with my games freezing during loading. I've tried everything and everything seems to fail. However I read some where on here that they separated their games into another folder. I decided to give that a shot since my options are quite limited at this point. To my amazement it worked! =D

I popped my 4GB microSDHC card into the USB adaptor and into my computer. Opened up the removable drive and created a new folder called "Games".. I then dragged all my *.nds and *.sav files into that folder. Once thats all done I took the chip and put it into my DSTT adaptor and like a well oiled machine, if finally runs once again.

Thank you very much for the help.

Also make sure you've downloaded the latest firmware. V1.15.

DOOOD OMG that worked, you

DOOOD OMG that worked, you are a savior, I would always back up my files and that worked, But this is much easier!!!

the sys file will be created

the sys file will be created on initial boot up of the card

DSTT with 8GB MicroSDHC

I got my 7 year old daughter a DSTT and she is using a SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC with no problems (using the DSTT OS v1.12/). I put 213 game/rom .nds files in a folder I named "roms" on the root of the memory card. Every game she has played works great! Also one thing to remember is to leave some free space for the .sav files. Looks like each one takes 512KB. I haven't messed around with MoonShell yet. Her card is full and she doesn't listen to music much and she can watch movies on my BlackBerry or on the TV at home.
If any one has concerns over getting a DSTT...I have experienced none. This thing is awesome!
Another good place to get games/roms is the torrent sites. So far I have a total of 603 games (99% of them English). [URL deleted] is good too, but very slow.

can you put music and

can you put music and pictures on a dstt?


Yes, you can put music, pictures and videos on a DSTT

what format do videos have

what format do videos have to be?

DSTT OS 1.14

Update. Now using DSTT OS v1.14 but did not get it from the DSTT web site (which is having some major downloading issues).

I did a Google search for "DSTT 1.14" and found a site (first site at the top...GBATemp...) with a mirror link for DSTT OS v1.14, downloaded it and it works great!

Also running original DOOM a Google search for "DOOM DS". DOOM files (4 of them...don't need text files) must be placed on the root of the memory card or game will not load.

Hi, I'm trying to download

Hi, I'm trying to download the latest system files for my dstt, but there seems to be a system file missing ! In the pack there is only "TTmenu" and "TT.dat", but the original one i had a while back had "TT menu","TT dat", and"TT system file". Can anyone help ?


Ok I'm thinking of selling

Ok I'm thinking of selling my R4 away! It's a great card I accept but It's not reading the hc micro cards! I upload emulators,movies,music files,homebrew games and lots of things so even 2gb isn't enough. I want to buy 4gb(or even 8gb) micro sd,then I guess R4 screws up here! Anyway here's my question ; Should I buy a DSTT or a CycloDs?
I'm sure cyclods would handle all the homebrew games and emulators I want to play (like monkey island 1,2, quake,doom,snes games,neogeo games) but I want to be sure if dstt can handle it ?!


my microsd card won't work

so when i first stuck my sd card into the card reader and stuck it in the computer, it was fine. i put it the firmware and a couple of games, which were in a separate folder. and i stuck the sd card into the dstt in my ds. the games started but froze. i shut it down and tried the other game and if failed to start. i put the sd card back into my computer but this time nothing popped up. i checked my computer and clicked removeable hardrive but it said i had to format it. i tried to but then it said failed to format and windows cannot format. i've heard that the problem might be from the card reader rather than the card, which is 2 gb. in dire need of help. thanks a lot.

Just ordered one

Hey all, searchin around here for stuff about the DSTT and I found this.

Me and my sis pitched in together to buy a DSTT from Amazon and we should be getting it (and the 2GB MicroSD card we ordered) by the 7th of July.

I am such a paranoid person and all these comments that the DSTT sucks (from mods at and comments that they can be defective have me getting really paranoid about if i made the right choice of buying this card.

Can you help me erase my worries or are they good to have? thanks.

and another quick question, should I rename the .nds files I downloaded for the card or leave them the way they are?



nah no need for worries as those people havent tried out the DSTT themselves to they are just prob being abit snotty to shelfs themselfs as super experts but it works fine as i have one myself and it works 100% if you do everything ok and jus dont damage it then your DSTT will just stay alive an function well an normal.

nope you dont have to rename them as long as the ".nds" is at the end of any game name for example mario kart just have the ".nds" at the end of the name so the DSTT can read it, u can rename a game to anything u like as long as ".nds" is at the end of it like this "Mario Kart.nds" and thats all :)

How exactly do i play videos on the dstt?

anyone can help as i dont know how to play videos on the dstt as ive tried something before but it seemed to crash only the audio of the movie works. can anyone tell me what converter they use to convert their videos and for it to work on the dstt?

hahahahaha nothin' beats

hahahahaha nothin' beats DSTT

Download the DSTT firmware from the official site

Here is the download link from the official DSTT site:

Unzip the file and copy all the content onto your microSD, then plug the microSD into your DSTT.

DSTT (Dual Screen Top Toy)

he's can play mp3 & TV/Movies like iPod?

Even Better!

It can play mp3s, TV/Movies like and iPod AND it plays Nintendo DS games! You can store about 50 DS games on a 2gb microSD. Best device I ever bought for my DS. Im going to get them for friends and family this xmas.

where do y...

where do you get top toy ds?where do you get the micro?do they come together?plz let me know!I AM A DS FREAK!plz reply an awnser


how do you put music on it, wenever i do it, it doesnt apper on my ds

dstt emulators

Hey guys, I got a dstt a couple of days ago. I got some roms ready to go for the nes, snes, and gameboy. However, the dstt is not detecting the emulators I put in there (nnnesterJ). Do I need to add nesds in order for it to work? What kind of patches or other things do I need to do in order for it to work on my dstt? What emulators do I need for the dstt to read them and be able to play them?


Problems with my DSTT

i dont know if anyone can help but ive had a problem with all the DSTT cards ive had but its not the card i dont think, when ive put the games on it will work 4 a bit thern it will come to loading and freeze completley then will not work unless i take all the games off n put them back on, any suggestions?

problems for people with crash loading at the start when loading

Its because you have overloaded you memory with "too much" games as i have had the same problem before when i was exploring and playing about with the DSTT for example max games you can roughly put on a 2GB memory is about 42 but max you max to put on is like 25-34 as in my terms i just believe its the firmware problem which the DSTT group needs to update

hiya there i was wondering

hiya there
i was wondering if you could help me, i used to use a site were i had to extract the games to play on my dstt but i have forgotten how to extract them...could you help me??
and also is there a site were i can jst download them for free but not have to extract them so they play straight away on my dstt??

thanks in advance

Hi there, I have also had

Hi there,

I have also had these kind of problems. Tried reformatting, using FAT32 and default allocation size, but after loading a couple of games it would start freezing again.

I have an answer though, which I found on another website which works like a charm. Instead of keeping your .nds and .sav files in with your TT files (system files) create a separate folder called 'Games' on your micro SD card and keep your .nds/.sav files in there. Honestly, I have had no more problems since i have done this, and I now love my DS again!!

Hope this helps.

what web page should I go to

what web page should I go to download games in to my dstt card?

go to good

go to
good luck!!

one question.. will the R4

one question.. will the R4 kernel work on this? has anyone tried it? in theory it should... i just dont like the dstt one

R4 Kernel will not work

No, the R4 Kernel will not work with the DSTT.


where do i get the games for it?

Website for DS Roms

This website is great for games - just found it yesterday

rom site is good nds-rom site but you need to register...


thank you for that comment i am not the guy that you were talking to originally but i came across that same problem and you helped me out thanks.

How to convert R$ games to DSTT games

I have an R4 downloaded games and before I transfer it to my SD card i have to extract it from winrar to convert it to nds file. How does it work when I have my DSTT now.

It works the same way

The DSTT works the same way as the R4, you have to extract the .nds from the .rar/zip before putting it on the DSTT.

dstt firmware

hi, great review of the dstt, what's the link or site where I can download the firmware? thanks, al

this site doesnt work...

this site doesnt work... where u get v1.15 version?

Try here

Looks like the official DSTT site is down, but you can still find the firmware here:

This works with the orginal

This works with the orginal DS, correct?


Yes, the DSTT works fine with the original DS.

problem with the dstt

hi, i have bought 2 dstt and 2 micro sd cards, but i have a problem with one om them, when i insert the dstt to my ndsl, my dsl didnt read the card, like if there were no card inserted, but with the other dstt that i bought i had no problems... how could i fix the one that doesnt work? i had also tried using another ndsl and other micro sd but nothing works..

Sounds like a defectiving DSTT

If the DSTT didn't work in 2 DS.Lites, then I would say that it is defective and you need to send it back for a new one.

Nice card but be careful with it!

The DSTT is a fantastic little card. I ordered two from Asia and they arrived quickly, but one of them failed to work. The menu wouldn't load and the card was replaced by the supplier - since then no problems although I would advise people to keep the DSTT in its case or in their DS, not lying around as it's somewhat flimsier than a standard slot-1 cart.

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