Super Mario Bros.

Backup your original Wii games and play backups instead

UPDATE: The following tutorial is extremely old and no longer should be used. Please refer to the latest Nintendo Wii Backup tutorials here. But if you're interested to see how it was done back in the day, then continue reading.. :)

Caution: Updating to 4.2 could brick your Wii.

Ever wish you could backup your Wii games to keep the original in safe and secure place? There are ways to do this by modifying the Wii hardware which could potentially ruin your Wii and all you'd have left is a paperweight. Recently the Wii scene has made some huge advancements with the Wii Softmod. The softmod is a program that you can install on your Wii to backup and run your backup games without having to modify your Wii! In this article we'll explain what you'll need and how to do this.

Here's a list of the things you'll need:

  1. Nintendo Wii
  2. SD card - a 2gb or 4gb will work fine. Also make sure you have a SD card reader - most SD cards will come with a reader or your computer might already have a SD reader built in.
  3. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Get Zelda in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany or Canada)
  4. DVD-R discs - We've used the Maxell 16x DVD-Rs and they worked perfect!

Ok, now that you've got the checklist, the first thing to do is to install the Homebrew Channel onto your Wii. The Homebrew Channel is what makes everything else happen. You'll be able to install homebrew and commercial .wads and also install the Backup Launcher which will allow you to play backup games (both homebrew and commercial).

Look on the back of your Legend of Zelda DVD to see which version you have. This is important as it will tell you which hacked save to load. For example, if you have RVL-RZDE-0A-2, then you would load the TwlightHack2 save from within the Zelda game. So if your Zelda region code ends in "0" then load the TwlightHack0 save and if your Zelda region code ends in "2", then load the TwlightHack2 save - simple enough.

Region Serial from DVD Inner circle File Zelda Save slot
Europe/Australia (EUR) RVL-RZDP-0A-0 JPN /private/wii/title/rzdp/data.bin Twilight Hack
Asia (JPN) RVL-RZDJ-0A-0 JPN /private/wii/title/rzdj/data.bin Twilight Hack
America (USA) RVL-RZDE-0A-0 JPN /private/wii/title/rzde/data.bin TwilightHack0
America (USA) RVL-RZDE-0A-0 USA /private/wii/title/rzde/data.bin TwilightHack0
America (USA) RVL-RZDE-0A-2 USA /private/wii/title/rzde/data.bin TwilightHack2

Installing the Homebrew Channel on a Wii with the 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 firmware:

Okay, now that you know which version of Legend of Zelda you have, it's time to see what firmware your Wii is running. To do this, go to your Wii Setup and look @ the upper right hand corner for either "Ver 3.2U", "Ver 3.3U" or "Ver 3.4U". (the U is for USA, E is for Europe etc - this hack works for all region Wiis)

Download the files that corresponds to your Wii's firmware and uncomapress the files and copy them onto your SD card:

Files needed for Wiis with 3.2 firmware:

Files needed for Wiis with 3.3 firmware:

Files needed for Wiis with 3.4 firmware

For the 3.2 files, the directory will already be built for you. For 3.3 and 3.4, you will need to copy the directories and files from both .zip and .gz and make sure they're copy onto your SD card like this:

+ private
+ wiiload
   boot.elf (3.2) or boot.dol (if you have 3.3 or 3.4) Note: you only need either the boot.elf or boot.dol depending on your firmware version and NOT both.

  • Copy all of those files and directories onto your SD card and then put the SD into your Wii.
  • Boot up the Wii and go to "Wii Options" (lower left), then "Data Management", then Wii.
  • Click on the "SD Card" tab and Copy the Twilight Hack save onto your Wii. If you have a USA one, copy the USA save. If you have a Japanese Wii, the copy the Jap save and if you're in Europe, copy the EUR save.
  • Now boot up Legend of Zelda, and load up the save that corresponds to your copy of Legend of Zelda (example, if you have RVL-RZDE-0A-0, then load the TwlightHack0 save and if you have the RVL-RZDE-0A-2, then load the TwlightHack2 save. Click Start.
  • Now the game will start. Using the directional, move Zelda back a few steps and the hack will start to install (pretty nifty, eh?!).
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install and next time to reboot your Wii, you'll see the new Homebrew Channel

You should now have the Homebrew Channel.

Here's a video tutorial on how to install the Homebrew Channel on your Wii:

Installing the WiiGator Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma with 002 fix:

Now that you have your Homebrew Channel installed, you'll want to try out the latest "Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma with 002 fix" (Requires 3.2 firmware - if you don't have this, scroll down to the comment section to see how to downgrade your firmware). The Backup Launcher will allow you to play Wii Backups from DVD-R.

Get all the files for backup loader here: (File removed per request of it's author)

After you have the Homebrew Channel installed, you can delete all of the files on your SD card. Unzip the file and copy everything to your SD card. Put the SD card in your Wii, start the Homebrew Channel and run the "cIOS Installer" -- you will need this before the Backup Launcher will work. Follow the onscreen instructions and then when its done, go back to the Homebrew channel and install the "Backup Launcher". After that's done, you will see a new channel called "Backup Launcher" with a picture of Zelda. You can now play Wii backup DVD-Rs.

Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma with 002 fix

Backing up your Original Wii Games:

  • Go to the Homebrew Channel with your SD card in the Wii
  • Find the WAD Manager and Load it
  • Once the WAD Manager boots up, go to the "Wii Dumper" and install it. Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Once that's done, your Wii will reboot and you'll see a new "Wii Dumper" channel with a dump truck icon. Load the Wii Dumper
  • There are two ways to dump original Wii games, one is via WiFi and the other is SD card. I've used both and there doesn't seem to be a speed difference. I prefer the Wifi as you can just set it and forget it. Leave for about 3-4 hours and when you return your ISO should be waiting for you on your PC or MAC.

Gamecube Games on Wii system 3.3u

Hey guys i have a wii with firmware 3.3u and i can play wii dvd-r backups and works very well with PAL games but
i have a PAL Super Mario Sunshine and i tried the wiigator GC backup launcher but my TV goes into a blank screen also ive forced the video to NTSC 480 to other games so far they work but no gamecube :( any idea how to hel a gamer out?

wii gator

how can i download games for my wii gator,and how can i get a upgrade for it .



cios downgrader

i accidentally downgraded my wii from U to E and now my screen is all masted up, it's in black and white and the screen moves around really fast so you cant see what your doing. Help me!


can u post the link again of 002fixGammaLoader
bcz the current one is not working

You don't need that file anymore

The method to install the Homebrew channel described in this article is an old method. The new way to do it doesn't require the Twilight Princess game.. check out this great site for the most up to date way to trick out your Wii:

And firmware version doesn't matter anymore.. it seems like you can install the Homebrew channel with any version Wii. Have fun!

USB Loader 1.5 with 500GB USB drive!

Wow.. this USB Loader is God sent! I just installed a Western Digital 500GB My Book Office Edition External Hard Disk Drive WDH1B5000N on the Wii. All I had to do was install cIOS36 rev10 and then I installed modBrisma's USB Loader package that came with a bunch of covers. Anyone know where I can find a zip with all the current Wii covers? tx

Help I got scammed

I'm so new to all this and
I got scammed by the homebre ware package and I still can't get it to work.:(
I have managed to get the home bre channel onto the wii and then the back up however I can't run the back up channel the screen turns blank on the wii and I have to re start.
I used the twilight hack 1 and I am running a 3.1.

I want to retry using the hack you guys have provided here but I can't find one for 3.1 so will 2 work or do I need to update the wii or something first.
Oh and what is the safest way to delete HBC and back up channel?

Any help would be great. Cheers

unknown format or damaged

hi i have wii dumper and everything else on your post but the problem im having is;
go onto wii dumper,put onto wifi, then single layer, then insert original wii sport game, type in url address on computer,all works fine,when its downloading onto computer it only takes 30 mins tops same with mario kart, which dosent seem long.the computer says its complete. when on the computer its come up as a book icon,opened it with image burn as it wont open just says unknown format/damaged.burnt onto dvd but completes with errors and dosent work.its as if it only sends a bit of the games/iso over to the computer ,what am i doing wrong tried loads of games but says and does the same. im sure its only sending around 386mb or something around there which dosent sound right. please help

hi checked my firmware and

checked my firmware and is vers. 4.0E - will the files work on this version?


How do I go about this?

Sorry if I seem noobish.

I wish to play backups- I have 3.3U and have installed the HBC and Tona's Shop patch installer, etc. Also, Wii Shop and 4.0U have been released...

Is there a step-by-step process to getting this done? I'd love to do so, but I'm a bit concerned about downgrading- I've heard it can get you banned from WFC, etc...

Hi guys, i'm trying to run

Hi guys, i'm trying to run Wall-E (PAL) on my wii 3.2e (softmoded) but i keep getting an error "exception DSi occoured" and loads of other codes on a black screen.

i have tried installing numerous amounts of IOS and tryed every patch on the system and the loader etc...

Could it just be a bad copy?

all my other (12 games) burnt the same way work fine except Wall-E...

any ideas? I have tried googling this but no source was helpfull!

My 002 Gamma files zip

Hi guys,

I know like everyone else your just trying to help out , but would you mind removing the 002 gamma zip files from your server for download for now please ?
There is a site that is selling these files to people for 30 dollars and they should be free and they are linking to any place the files are available which is why i took them off my server.

I will be compiling a new zip in the next few weeks with the newer files and you can (as always) find the data on when its done.

Thanks for understanding - i want these files kept free , i just dont want that site selling them to unsuspecting people.


File removed

We're happy to help keep this software free and out of the hands of scammers! :) The file has been removed.

the new ios 38.53 and 55

if i rent the the mad world game and my wii gets updated through the game , will my burned copy work since i used the original game to install the the 38,53 and 55 ios because i tried to download and install the new ones but the game will still not work. im running wii gator .3 softmod on a 3.4u wii.

IOS Downgrader

I have tried following the tips on this page but when i try to run the downgrader i keep getting the error code 116. any help with this?


pal game on ntsc

can i dl pal wii game and play on ntsc wii console (us version)? thank. the wii connsole already homebrew , v3.2u and all... thanks

PAL games will work

Yes, most PAL games will work. Just remember to run the WiiBrickBlocker on the .iso before you burn it to remove the any auto-updates. If a PAL game manages to do an auto-update on your NTSC Wii, it will brick* your Wii. *Brick = exactly what it sounds like, a Wii that's as useful as a brick.

The WiiBrickBlocker program is included in the file (PC Apps > WiiBrickBlock > WiiBrickBlocker.exe)

ios patcher

another question though, i'd download the Mortal Kombat Armageddon wii game, and I have to use the IOS Patcher, enter code 249 into the iso file to use it. do i have to use IOS patcher for every single iso? and each game has a different patch code? thanks

armaegeddon for wii

it works with updated usb loader gx pal system 4.2 ...all you goto do is update gx loader in the menu settings

another question though, i'd

another question though, i'd download the Mortal Kombat Armageddon wii game, and I have to use the IOS Patcher, enter code 249 into the iso file to use it. do i have to use IOS patcher for every single iso? and each game has a different patch code? thanks

didn't work

Mortal Kombat Armageddon didn't work for me.

try this link

link up to date?

Still FYI, I suggested this nice guide to a friend of mine (it worked like a charm for me) but the "" file now is TOTALLY EMPTY!
Or better there is a txt file explaining why , but no wad/wii stuff at all.

It's a shame that people are trying to make money from free software. We are mirroring the file now, so it can be downloaded from the link above.

I cant find it

I cant find the "Wii Dumper" you mentioned.Can you post a link?

The Wii Dumper is is packaged with 002fixGammaLoader

You can find the Wii Dumper .Wad located in the following directory of 002fixGammaLoader (

After you uncompress the file, you can find the Wii Dumper here:
~/002fixGammaLoader/Put onto SD Card/WAD/Wii_Dumper_1.2-DUMP.wad

Downgrading Wii Firmware from 3.3U to 3.2


I already managed to get the homebrew channel installed on my Wii. It is currently running firmware version 3.3U. I want to be able to play homebrew games, and download games so that I can burn them to dvd, plus back up my own games. Will this be possible once I downgrade my firmware? Also, is there any advantage to having the homebrew channel if you don't downgrade your firmware to 3.2? Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. I guess its obvious that I'm a noob...


Yes, you'll be able to do all of that.

Everyone is reporting that 3.2U is the firmware to have as it's the most compatible with all the games. I've backed up all of my original games via the Wii's wifi (it took about 3-4 hours for single layer games and almost 8 hours for a dual layer game [Mario Galaxy]). After you backup your originals, you can play those instead and put the original DVDs away.

Remeber to Patch your ISO with WiiBrickBlocker!

Before you burn your ISO to DVD-R, remember to patch it with the WiiBrickBlocker included in the (under PC Apps > WiiBrickBlocker). By patching the ISO, you'll prevent any auto updates that might stop your homebrew channel from working. You can either use the WiiBrickBlocker that comes with the WiiGator rar or download it from the official site:

Downgrade your Wii Firmware from 3.4u or 3.3u back to 3.2u

If you've already upgraded your Wii to the official 3.4u or 3.3u firmware, then you'll need to downgrade it before the backup loader can work. Everything you need to downgrade your firmware from 3.4u or 3.3u (or any other region 3.3e etc) is included in the file. Also, to downgrade the Wii firmware, you will need the Wii connected via Wifi so that it can download the firmware that you select.

Steps to downgrade your Wii firmware:
  • Load the Homebrew Channel
  • Navigate to the "C. Custom IOS Downgrade", press A
  • Once the Downgrader boots, select the firmware you'd like to downgrade to. I suggest 3.2U (for USA ONLY!)
    Remember to only pick the firmware for your region Wii. For example, if you own a USA Wii, the pick any firmware ending in "U" like 3.2U. If you own a European Wii, then select the 3.2E etc..
  • follow the on-screen instructions and within 10-15 minutes, your Wii will be back to whatever firmware you selected. This thing works great!

Custom IOS Downgrade

Everytime I try to run the downgrader my wii just restarts. Any Ideas?


Load 6. Wad Manager in Homebrew Channel and install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
Load A. Custom WM in Homebrew Channel and install cios_fix.wad
Load B. IOS Downgrader in Homebrew Channel. Just follow any prompts until it tells you it is complete.
Load C. cIOS Downgrader in Homebrew channel MAKING SURE you PICK YOUR CORRECT REGION
3.2U = USA/Canada, 3.2E = Europe, 3.2J = Japan ... you should then be on version 3.2 once completed

Thanks for the answer

This worked great when the Wii would just restart when trying to run the custom downgrader.

Same here. Trying to

Same here. Trying to downgrade from 3.3e. Has this been plugged?

I had this problem when I

I had this problem when I was running 4.0e.

just do everything this video tells you

It worked absolutely perfectly for me, quick, easy and no frustration. Went from 4.0e to 3.2e in about 20 mins :) Hope this helps

ps follow the guide intently!!!!

Wow Nintendo Stupid F***S

Really? A copyright claim for a how-to video? Uhm, YouTube get with the m.f. PROGRAM: THIS IS FAIR USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS. Nintendo did not author it...So you should require them to tell you to remove "Game Play Demos" showing Nintendo game achievements.

Or YouTube/Nintendo can just F*** off.

go to wad manager and press

go to wad manager and press + to install all wads
then go to downgrader

Burn at 3x-4x

Just FYI -- I've been burning the DVD-Rs at 3x or 4x and they all seem to work fine. (Maxell 16x DVD-Rs)

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