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Super Mario Doom

There's been a lot of buzz about the Super Mario Doom video... but everyone's question after watching the video is "Where do I get it?!?!" Well, wonder no more, here it is! This is the .wad file for Super Mario Doom. All you'll need to do is dig up your old copy of Doom or Doom II, grab the Super Mario Doom .wad file and start blasting some Yoshis!

Looking for the other version of Super Mario Doom by Doom_master1122? Click Here!

Download the Super Mario Doom .wad file

To use this .wad, unzip it to your installed Doom or Doom2 directory. Next, drop to a command prompt (RUN -> type 'cmd'). Goto your installed Doom/Doom2 directory and run Doom with the following flag:

doom -f Mariodm.WAD

That's it!

Oh, and just in case you haven't seen Super Mario Doom in action yet, here's the YouTube video:

Looking for the other version of Super Mario Doom by Doom_master1122? Click Here!


Not Doom II compatible

I've tried running this game with DOOM II and the DOOM95 executable, but the game reaches a runtime error. This is most likely due to the edited WAD's inability to deal with most actions in DOOM II.

EDIT: This WAD works with the ZDoom executable, but not the DOOM95 executable packaged with DOOM II.

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